Friday, July 18, 2014

Shutdown a Computer Remotely (the real way)

This is inscrutable will show you how to shutdown a computer (from your own) remotely. there is no need to send a file sneak on their computer or have any contact with them. This requires little or no DOS skills although it will help if you are 1337

Step 1: Find their computer name

First type "net view"
Next find you target in the list (by the way the target needs to be on your network)
Congress you've found your target.

By the way it’s also easier if u can sneak a peek at their computer for a minute. If you can click start right click my computer click properties then go to computer name. But that’s only if there are a lot of computers like in an office or a school

Step 2: Shutdown -i.

Go to run and type CMD. this will bring up command prompt or DOS. Type shutdown -i and a dialog should come up

Type the computer name. Then change warning time to 2 seconds and type a message if you want.

Step 4: Done

Click OK and you’re done. The most pleasing part is when you do it in an office or school computer and lab 

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